travel express  
  TRAVEL EXPRESS – the Thinking Travel Agents Tradepaper
  The leading bi-monthly Travel Trade Magazine

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  • At the point of sales – directmailing to the counterstaff in all travelagencies
  • For Business Travel – directmailing to the travel manager in big companies
  • For Decisionmakers – directmailing to the Management of the travelindustry
  • Planning & Productions – directmailing to the managers of grouptravel and M.I.C.E.
Each issue features sections for
  • Businesstravel – e.g. loyality programs, airline-tests
  • Economy – touroperating, retailing, local news
  • Traffic – bus, train, ship, air
  • Traveltreff – Pep-offers, Famtrips
  • Special features – please refer to Mediadata